Upcoming  Neutrino Interaction Measurements with
                   the MicroBooNE and ArgoNeuT Liquid
                   Argon Time Projection Chambers.

Upcoming  First Principles Studies of the Surface
                   and Opto-Electronic Properties of
                   Ultra-Thin t-Se

Aug 2021
  Measurement of the (pi-, Ar) Total                               Hadronic Cross Section at the LArIAT                       Experiment

Jan 2021
   Measurement of the Flux-Averaged
                   Inclusive Charged-Current Electron
                   Neutrino and Antineutrino Cross Section
                   on Argon Using the NuMI Beam and the
                   MicroBooNE Detector


Jan  2021    The Novel Mechanical Ventilator
                    Milano for the COVID-19 Pandemic

September 2021 LIDINE, Keynote Speaker  Overview of Light Detection in Neutrino Experiments  

August 2021 54th Users Meeting, Plenary Talk, MicroBooNE Cross Section Measurements

April 2021 Instrumentation Frontier Workshop CPAD, Plenary Talk, Thin A-Se Films for Novel Scintillation Light Detectors


December 2019 Module of Opportunity Workshop, Plenary Talk, Q-Pix Light Readout,

August 2016  ICHEP 2016, Poster,  Chicago 

"A MC study of kaon identification sensitivity in MicroBooNE" 

Aug 2016  ICHEP 2016, Poster,  Chicago 

“Study of the positive kaon total interaction cross section on Ar in LArIAT"

Sep 2015  TAUP2015, Talk, Turin, Italy

“Studies of cosmogenic background to nucleon decay in MicroBooNE”    


May 2015 CIPANP2015 Talk,  Veil

“LArIAT - Liquid Argon In A Testbeam”

Selected Publications
Talks & seminars

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