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Physics Slam 2021
The Silent Thread
April 30 2021

The Physics Slam is a competition for outreach talks at Fermilab. For the 2021 virtual event I directed and painted a whimsical animated movie on neutrino sources.

Wonder and Skepticism

I presented my research on neutrinos at the Wonder & Skepticism event series held in Chicago's historical bar "the Empty Bottle" 

The Great Neutrino Hunt

I designed the Great Neutrino Hunt for the Fermilab Open House event as a scavenger hunt where participants had to discover neutrinos hidden in the crowd, interact with them and could sign a final paper. For this event, I convinced a group of colleagues to wear silly  "neutrino" costumes.  

PechaKucha TALK
Neutrinos: Tiny Particles, Big Mysteries!

Feb 16 2017

PechaKucha talks are presentation in which 20 slides are shown for 20 seconds each without control by the presenter. I wrote and presented my PechaKucha for the 300 guests attending the PechaKucha Night Batavia Vol. 6. Click here to see my talk.


Dec 07 2015

"Why I Love Neutrinos" is a YouTube series geared towards the general public. Its scope is to generate interest in these mysterious particles thought a
bit-size personal recount of  neutrinos. The series is promoted by the Fermilab Creative Service and sponsored by DOE and NSF. This is my 1 min story! 

TechSavvy: Roller Coaster Physics

March 25 2017

Tech Savvy  is a daylong career conference designed to attract 6th-9th grade girls to STEM. For the 2017 event at Triton College, I designed a short presentation on the physics of roller coaster, selected a roller coaster simulator and held a hands-on 45-minute long class attended by three groups of ~15 girls each. Sponsored by the American Association of University Women (AAUW)

MicroBooNE Tour Guide

Sept 2015 - Current

Sharing the scope of HEP with the community is crucial for building a stronger scientific network and connecting with the general public. In MicroBooNE, we answer this challenge by providing guided tour to the experimental site. Every year, I serve as a guide for groups of scientists, students, and curious guests. 

Fermilab Family Open House VR Guide

Feb 12 2017

The MicroBooNE virtual reality tour  (Veνu) was developed by Oxford University to allow the public to "visit" the interior of the MicroBooNE TPC: a place otherwise inaccessible, given its -300 C of temperature! During the Fermilab Family Open House, I helped the little ones (and their parents) to enjoy this cutting edge tool.


Feb 08 2017

This video brings together scientists from all over the world to illustrate DUNE: the next big thing is neutrino experiments! As a grad student in DUNE, you can spot me in a short (1 s!) clip.
Powered by the DUNE Collaboration.

Yale Physics Olympics

Oct 18 2014

Every year the Yale Physics department hosts a the Physics Olympics competition, attended by ~250 high schoolers. As a Yale Grad Student, I volunteered to help planning and the running the 2014 event. 

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