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  •  MicroBooNE Cosmic Ray Tagger (CRT) system:

    • CRT Coordination at Fermilab for installation during summer shutdown. This role entailed: being the point of contact for the MicroBooNE Technical Coordinator to assure delivery and installation of the system under a tight schedule, designing the cable connections for the entire CRT system and leading the CRT racks construction, testing, troubleshooting and positioning.  

    • CRT expert advisor for the Fermilab safety board for installation and access of the CRT top module.

    • Construction, installation, commissioning and maintenance of the CRT, including being the only expert at FNAL for electronics boards troubleshooting. Currently serving as CRT expert for shifts.

    • Design of the near line CRT metadata storage in Fermilab file-system.

  • Participated in the MicroBooNE “touching wire” campaign by analyzing images and constructing a MicroBooNE mock-up for mirror and camera stress test

  • Study of a Cherenkov Detector and a Muon Range Stack for the LArIAT Run I beam line

  • Assembly of the LArIAT Run III TPC


  • Design and implementation of the Data Driven beamline MC package (DDMC) and leader of the related data production.

  • MC study of Kaon Identification Sensitivity in MicroBooNE: study of the GENIE generator (Technical note 6075)

  • Study of the GENIE event generation for nucleon decay and implementation of new decay modes


  • Design and implementation of the total hadronic positive kaon cross section analysis in LArIAT. This includes devising the beam contamination estimate procedure, systematics studies and design of the beam condition retriever package. Currently lead analyzer of both the negative pion and positive kaon cross section analysis.

  • Leader of an ad hoc group aimed at developing unfolding procedures for all the LArIAT cross section analyses. - Data driven calibration of calorimetry constants with uncertainties (TechNote 2513).

  • Lead analyzer for the measurement of electric field and drift velocity (TechNote 2750).

  • Leader of the data production and analyzer during the troubleshooting of the MicroBooNE HV issue (Feb 2017)

  • Optimization of the TPC tracking algorithm using Monte-Carlo simulation for the LArIAT cross section measurements through the design and implementation of a python package easily applicable to a wide range of different optimizations procedures in LArSoft

  • Optimization of the Time Of Flight parameters for LArIAT Run II data

  • Study of background for proton decay events in LAr for MicroBooNE (Technical note 4738)

  • Developer within the standard LArIAT and MicroBooNE software framework used to process the TPC and beam line data

CRT istallation

Data Driven MC circularity check for
Z-direction of simulated momentum. Data and DDMC overlaid

LArIAT Kaon reconstruction example

TPC Energy Calibration results. Calibration constants obtained with π+ sample and applied to K, p. Bethe-Block prediction overlaid (dash lines)

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