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While I was at Fermilab...

MicroBooNE eLEE

I provided and performed the main validation for  the electron neutrino hypothesis in the Pandora Low Energy Excess search, one of MicroBooNE's flagship analyses. 

Phys. Rev. D 105, 112004 (2022)


My pet project Light Imaging in Liquid Argon is supported by my Lab Directed R&D grant (LDRD). The goal is to explore coats of  photosensitive semiconductors and design large area VUV cryogenic photodetectors. 

NuMI Electron Neutrino Cross Sections

I started the electron neutrino exploration in MicroBooNE secondary beam, NuMI, opening up a new line of research for the experiment. Under my guidance, the NuMI group produced the most accurate measurement of the electron neutrino interaction to date (Phys. Rev. D.104.052002)... stay tuned for more measurements!!


Milano Mechanical Ventilator is a project born at the beginning of the 2020 pandemic. The team achieved the goal to produce a cheap design for a ventilator which was approved under the FDA emergency approval. My role in the project was to be the liaison between the Italian medical team and the physics group. More info here.

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